Mealworm Frass Fertilizer

Mealworm Frass Fertilizer

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You're heard of mealworm castings - but do you know about insect frass?

Insect frass is insect manure that has a NPK 2.5-2-2.5 compared with Cow manure NPK 0.6 0.4. 0.5! No need to compost, the frass is ready to use, directly in small quantities or mix with water to stretch it as a frass tea for your indoor and outdoor plants!

With almost no odor and ready to use, frass also has chitin, which studies suggest causes plants to protect themselves as if from pests, meaning your plants get soil nutrition and get stronger - helping you grow more flowers, fruit and vegetables in your indoor and outdoor gardens. Great for potted plants also.

Insect frass contains the nutrition plants require, beneficial micro-organisms, and provides chitin (pronounced "Kite-in"). Chitin strengthens the plant by causing a sort of "auto-immune" response that tells the plant fight off an insect attack or prepare for fungal pathogens. The EPA says that chitin and chitosan defend against botrytis (grey mold), powdery mildew, early and late blight, fungal pathogens in the root zone (root rot) and root-feeding nematodes.

How to Use:

Watering: Mix 1 cup frass per gallon of water, let stand for 10 mins, water. Repeat every 2 weeks.
Potting: Add 1 cup frass per gallon of potting soil.
Garden: Spread 1 pound frass per 20 square feet of topsoil.

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