Recipe Ready, Partially Roasted Whole Crickets

Recipe Ready, Partially Roasted Whole Crickets

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Whole crickets are nutrition-packed, recipe-ready ingredients with wide uses. 

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Recipe ready whole crickets
These farmed crickets (Acheta domesticus) are raised in a solar-heated shipping container, dining on spent brewing grains and organic vegetables, a truly sustainable food full of protein and micro nutrients. Whole partially roasted crickets are dried slightly to extend shelf life and refrigeration is required after receiving to keep them fresh.

These nutrition-packed, recipe-ready ingredients can be used widely, including as garnish, salad topping, or in desserts and chocolate. With a mild, nutty flavor, crickets take on whatever flavors are added, much like tofu or chicken breast. Refrigeration required upon receipt.

Serving size is six (6) ounces.

Allergy warning:  Shellfish